President's Message

Welcome to the NEW LAWTE website! I am so happy to be building on past successes (Thanks Grace Aranda, Martha Rooks, Gene Rukavina and your teams) and moving to the future (Thanks Jon McGill and his team) with an important communication tool – our website! Check back frequently as we build the site! Trainers will be able to renew or join LAWTE, share information, stay up-to-date with LAWTE activities, and even reserve the LAWTE booth for your event!

Going to National AALAS this year?  

Past presidents of LAWTE continue to be trainers

Bruce W. Kennedy, LAWTE prez in 2012/13, continued the relationship built with CALAS, the Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Science. Recall that he promoted the international aspects of LAWTE by having our 2013 conference held in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in conjunction with CALAS. At the invitation of LAWTE member and CALAS registry chair Tracy McCook, he did a question-writing workshop with about 15 CALAS trainers and LAT (Canadian) examiners at their national meeting in June in Ottawa.

LAWTE Events

20th Anniversary Celebration for LAWTE at the 2014 AALAS Conference in San Antonio! Register Now!
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